How has this even happened omg

We’re ridiculously good mates why is this happening 

So confused

#personal  #omg guys are so confusing  #whatever happened to drunk making out staying in the past  #not complaining though ahahaha  

Who the fuck am I?! This is not me at all…

#personal  #fuck fuck  #quarter life crisis clearly  

I’m doing it again.

That thing where I keep going with something even though I know it’s not good for me. The jury’s still out on whether it will make me happy before it all falls apart.


Going back to uni is so much effort. Can’t I just have another 4 months off instead?

#personal  #bleh life  

Ugh self improvement time.

#before i start to hate myself any more  #again  #personal  

Paha oh my god last night was hilarious

#personal  #our kitchen is ruined  #as are several reputations :P  

even though i’ve been looking forward to tonight for the past couple of weeks i just really couldn’t be arsed so i chose to stay in bed instead. being social takes too much out of me nowadays.


having a the summer set party in my room to celebrate the end of exams, feel free to join. 

#personal  #i have no idea if no one else cares  #but it makes me feel happy  #and what else do i have to worry about for the next 4 months?!  

ugh i’ve made myself feel so shit i have no motivation to do anything at all.

#personal  #i thought writing things out would make me feel better.  

Ugh I’m so hungry but I have basically no food in :(


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