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“Rupert is the worst for laughing. He does it all the time, and you’ll ask him, what were you laughing at? and he goes, I don’t know!”

-Matthew Lewis


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I always thought that Hermione and Ron would be together. Always.  - Emma Watson

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David Yates’ most vivid memory of Emma is watching her suddenly let go of her steely professionalism and for once just be young and free. They were filming a death scene from Hallows Part 2 on a freezing-cold beach in Wales. The actors were miserable, especially Emma, who hates the cold and dislikes getting wet even more. But out of nowhere, he recalls, “she ran into the icy water and stood there, holding herself against the waves with her arms outstretched, just laughing.” In that brief moment he got a sense of what it must be like to have a multibillion-dollar industry dependent on your every move and be only nineteen years old. -Vogue, July 2011

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i am the lightning


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